*An RSVP is required no later than 10PM the previous night for 5AM “Olympic Lifting” AND “On-Ramp” classes


5K Row for Time

Ab circuit, coaches choice

Olympic Lifting

Warm Up with barbell only, no added weight:

(1×3) Snatch Pulls from the hip. 
(2-position x3) Snatch High Pulls from hip & mid-thigh. 
(3-position x3) Muscle Snatch from hip, mid-thigh and launch.
(1×4) OHS
(1×4) Snatch Balance

Then: @ 50% 1RM
(3×3) Snatch 1st Pulls with 2 second pause (pull above knee)
(1×3) Snatch Pulls (from ground)
(1×3) Snatch High Pulls (from ground)
(1×3) Snatch Press received in quarter squat.
(1×3) Snatch Press received in half squat.
(1×3) Snatch Press received in full squat.

Then: @ 75% 1RM
EMOM for 7 minutes: 1 Power Snatch + 1 Hang Snatch received in full squat.