Tabata: Calorie Row

2 minute rest,

Tabata: Alt. Superman holds/Hollow Rock holds

Adequate rest, then:



5 Rounds for time

6 Turkish Get Ups (26/44) CRX: (35/53) *Alt. 3 reps each arm.

9 Toes 2 /bar

12 Bent Over Rows RX(45/75) CRX(75/95)


With Barbell Only

(x5) Strict press, Push press, Push Jerk

(x5) Power Clean: From mid-thigh, Above knee, Below knee

(x5) Jerk balance and On Toe Jerk Unders


@50% 1RM

(2×5) Roman deadlifts

(x3) Squat Clean: From mid-thigh, above knee, ground

(2×3) B&K Split Jerks


@75% 1RM

(x5) Clean 1st Pull with 2 second pause above knee

(x5) Clean Pulls, Clean High Pulls

(2×5) Pendlay Rows

(x5) Complex: 1st Pull + Squat Clean + Split Jerk