Oly: Clean & Jerk

With Barbell only:

(x5) Shoulder Press, BNK Push Press, BNK Split Jerk.

(x3) Hang Power Clean: from hip, mid-thigh, above knee.

(x3) Tall Clean: received in ¼ squat, ½ squat, full squat.

(x5) Jerk balance, On-toe Jerk Unders.


Then: Load barbell with up to 50% 1RM:

* Receive each rep. in full squat position…….

(2×3) Clean from mid-thigh, above knee, below knee.

(2×3) Clean + 2 Split Jerks

(2×3) 1 Stop Clean: pause 2 seconds above knee, then, explode.

(2×3) Pendlay Rows


Then: Load barbell with up to 75% 1RM:

(2×3) First Pull with 2 second hold, Clean Pull, Clean High Pulls.

EMOM for 5 minutes: 1 Squat Clean + 1 Split Jerk

* Hold Split Jerk for 2 seconds, then complete lift.