It’s been a long time coming, and we thank you for your patience, but WODBook has finally arrived!

What’s WODBook you ask?

WODBook gives you an easy, convenient and simple way to track all your workouts, benchmarks, daily and over time – your bell ringing PRs, your 1 RM’s, your falling Fran times, your AMRAPS. All of those notebooks you keep at home, or the excel spreadsheets or however else you keep track of your successes (or don’t yet! )are replaced with this easy tool you can access through the RSVP tab on the Infernal website, or on your mobile device. Ever walk in for a WOD and the strength portion calls for 75%,. 85%, 90% of your 1 RM of a lift  and you completely forgot what that number was? No problem, you can access that at the gym now, through WODBook!

Get started by clicking on the RSVP button on the left hand side of the Infernal home screen and signing up or verifying your existing account – it takes about 30 seconds to do. After that, you access WODBook directly by clicking on the WODBook logo just beneath the RSVP tab (looks like a little guy pressing a barbell overhead!) Download the mobile app by going to the Infernal site on your phone, taping the RSVP button and bookmarking the page.

Any questions, just ask Bonnie!