Crossfit Infernal takes it’s Weight Loss Challenge 2014 high tech with on-site BodPod analysis for true fat loss results!

The 2014 Weight Loss Challenge will run three months giving you plenty of time to gain muscle while shedding unwanted body fat – Jan 8 to April 8.

Buy-in is $20 and whoever loses the most body fat takes home the entire pot!!

To accurately track body fat (and show you just how much muscle you are gaining) we have partnered with BodPod Arizona to be on-site to provide highly accurate body comp analysis at the beginning and end of the challenge. On Jan 8 they will be there from 7 am – 5 pm, waiting to tell you just how far you have already come (and show you how much farther you can go!) and then will be back at the end of the challenge to measure results.

The body fat analysis costs $59 for two sessions (and they will throw in a third one if you want it for $79 total but the third test will not be on-site) and takes about 20 minutes. They will take payment on-site. You MUST sign-up for an appointment online at Click on “Want Appointment” in the left column. That takes you to a calendar, go to Jan, find Crossfit Infernal on Jan 8 and click on that. That takes you to a sign-in page, you register and they send you a password. When you get it, sign in and choose what time you want (not as complicated as it seems.)

For the appointment, do not eat or drink for 2 hours before and wear as little clothing as possible (seriously) – compression shorts or speedo for the guys, no shirt; compression shorts and a jog bra for the ladies or swimsuit, no shirt.

Any questions, ask Coach Vanessa who will be keeping the scores and declare the winner! ALSO, IF YOU ARE NOT DOING THE CHALLENGE BUT STILL WANT THE BODY COMP ANALYSIS, YOU ARE MORE THAN WELCOME TO SIGN UP FOR AN APPOINTMENT.