Strength: EMOM for 5 minutes: 3 T&G Power Cleans @  75% 1RM.

Metcon: For time….

800 meter run,



Power Snatch (65/95) Competitors (75/115)

Goblet Squats (35/53) Competitors (53/72)



“Oly” technique & speed

Clean & Jerk

Skill: Hang Clean, Shoulder progression, Split Jerk.

With barbell Only…..

(x3) from hip, mid-thigh, above knee: pull, high pull, clean.

(x3) strict press, push press, BNK push press.

(x3) push Jerk, BNK push jerk, BNK Split Jerk.

(3×3) Roman Deadlift, Power Cleans, Front Squats, Strict Press.

With added weight:

(3×3) Clean 1st pull with 2 second pause above knee.

(2×3) Clean & Push Jerk

(x3) Clean & Split Jerk