Strength: 3X Max Effort Strict “Dead hang” pull-ups.

*If unable to perform strict “dead-hang” pull-ups, perform (3×5) negative “eccentric” pull-ups. Use a box to get your chin above the bar, perform a 2 second isometric hold and then a 4 second count as you lower yourself to a dead-hang position.


For time:

30 Front Squats (65/95),

load bar, then, 9-6-3 of:

Push Jerks (95/135),

Bar/Ring Muscle ups.

*(if athlete unable to perform muscle-ups).

9-6-3 of:

Push Jerks (95/135),

C2B Pull-ups,

Ring Dips.



Skills: Row, Ring Row, Squats, Sit-ups

For time:

500m Row,

then, 21-15-9.

Ring Rows,

Air Squats,