It’s that time again, the Open kicks off this afternoon and many of you will be participating or competing or just cheering your friends on. We asked our own resident “has been” (his term, not ours!) Tim Galloway who has made it to the SW regionals of the Games twice, placing 14th in 2012 and 28th in 2013, for his top ten tips to help you all get the best results possible. His thoughts follow:

1. Diet and Hydration are key for high level performance. Good fuel in, good fuel out!  Proper nutrition will provide energy and help your body run at an optimum level.  *If it was consumed after midnight, probably not best for the body.

2.  Mental preparation! Plan your work, work your plan. You’ve trained hard, now is the time to execute.

3. Run your own race . . .don’t worry about what the person next to you is doing. We all have unique skill sets, strengths, and weaknesses. Play to your strengths and dominate.

4. If you are going to re-do an Open WOD, make it worth your time and energy.

5. Make every rep count! Don’t look in the mirror the next morning and mumble shoulda, coulda, woulda’s. You want to be flexing in that mirror with your head held high because you left it all on the table!

6. Don’t question or argue with a judge; a no rep is a no rep. Time is of the essence in these workouts, so use it wisely. And quite frankly, Bonnie doesn’t want to hear you whine or complain.

7. Get uncomfortable. High-level results require pain and sacrifice; pick up the bar when you don’t want to, do another rep when you don’t think you can. Just remember boxes bite, so if you are contemplating a fight with a box you better make sure you bring your “A” game.

8. Be a student of the game. Log times during workouts (split times, times per rep, etc). Good data is measurable and observable. Use that knowledge for best results.

9. You’ll pass out before you die. So if you think you are about to die, push on. (And remember if you need help Jardine, Matt, Ashley and countless other public servicemen/women are nearby to make sure you live.)