Tired of your regularly scheduled WODs being a complete nightmare to navigate with all the goofballs redoing their Open wods on Mondays? (oops, that’s me – sorry, really!)

Bored to tears with minute-by-minute updates on where people are ranked in the region and worldwide? (yeah, me again, my bad, but I’m excited!)

Done with the feeling of an imminent heart attack after every Open wod? (definitely me!)

You are in luck, we are almost DONE with the Open! This Thursday the last of the 5 Open wods will be announced – so come join the fun on Saturday, cheer your box mates on to victory, pick em up off the floor when they are done – and raise a brew together (or a Fireball!)

We are having an all-box BBQ this Saturday after the final Open wod on Saturday (except of course for the goofs who redo it on Monday – like me!!!) – hamburgers and hot dogs with all the fixins’ will be provided (gluten free buns of course)(that was a complete joke) – please bring a side dish to share and beverage(s) of your choice.

Should get going right around noon!