That’s right all, it’s April so we are already starting to think about the triple digit, dog days of summer here in AZ – what better time to hole up in an industrial gym with the barest of amenities and go for broke getting yourself bootylicious! (Yes, we just went from Gershwin’s Porgy & Bess straight to Destiny’s Child in one lyrical step! We like our CrossFitters well rounded musically! See Coach Jardine, no John Denver here!!)

ANYWAY . . . its time to grab that friend, family member, boss, co-worker, etc that’s been on the fence about CrossFit and get em to the box!

ONY $59 FOR 30 DAYS!!!! From now until . . .  some as yet undetermined point in the future! So jump on it before you miss it!!!

For every new client you bring into the box, something good will happen (also as yet determined but it will involve prizes! So make sure Bonnie knows you brought em!)