Not that we all did not know that those highly processed, cheap nutritional, high glycemic index (damningly yummy) carbs were not good for us, but it’s nice to see the message getting out to more mainstream(ish) media. Far too many people are still relying on the calories in, calories outlaws of thermodynamics to try and lose weight and that message persists in spite of the fact that we are not closed systems where all fuel is perfectly taken in and perfectly utilized.

But the idea/fact/current understanding (it is science after all, so a moving target) that the more of these specific types of cheap calories we consume, the faster the body sends them to fat stores, so we have few calories circulating in the blood – so our bodies think they do not have sufficient calories to metabolize and run the system and drive us to eat more. Turns out, fresh, whole foods with as little processing by human hands as possible turns out to be the best method in the long run.

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