Sunday June 15th we are headed towards Payson to enjoy cooler temps, actual trees and a hike to Fossil Springs – jumping in the springs is mandatory!

The hike is approximately 3 miles one way, on a well traveled trail that is an old road – so fairly easy but be sure to bring sturdy shoes, WATER and snacks.

You can read more about the experience here (someone please alert me if that link is not live so I can fix it!)

The trip up takes approximately 2 hours, we will car pool from Infernal starting at some unholy pre-9am hour that will likely not be any imposition for you all who normally wod at 5 am! (The rest of us will should not be poked with sticks on the drive and left alone to drink our coffee and wake up slowly)

Further details on timing and where we will grab a bite after the hike to follow. PLEASE sign up on the board in the office so we can get a head count.