Over the years I have made many attempts to lose weight and get healthy. Each time I made an effort through running, biking, and weight training on my own I progressed toward my goals but these results were slow and my routines unsustainable. Each time, I would reach the point where my body was exhausted and prone to injury. My routines became stagnant so that working out became a chore. Eventually, I would prioritize other things over getting healthy, I would stop exercising regularly, and I would inevitably gain back any weight lost.

When I heard about Crossfit, I began to research and became hesitant to try it because the price range is high when compared a traditional gym membership. Instead, I decided to attend a trial personal training session at a gym and although I did leave that session exhausted, I was disappointed. The trainer at the gym was disengaged, he spent much of the session chatting it up with other gym-goers, and I found out that their prices were ridiculously expensive. A personal training plan at this gym which included only 2 – 30 minute sessions per week was at least 2x Crossfit prices on top of my monthly gym dues. This is when I decided to try Crossfit.

I joined Crossfit Infernal with the intent to try it for a month and then decide whether I would continue. Almost immediately, I began to understand the value of Crossfit. The coaches are very attentive and conscientious. The staff is genuinely invested in the well-being and physical transformation of its members. The workouts are constantly evolving so that nothing is routine. Also, at Crossfit Infernal the memberships include unlimited sessions so I can work out as much as my body can handle. Since joining six months ago, I have lost 30 lbs., I am stronger, and yet I still find myself looking forward to every workout despite a consistent soreness throughout my body since day 1! Needless to say, I am hooked on Crossfit and I recommend it to anyone.

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