In March I went on a trip to Israel and had a wonderful time, but when I got home and showed my friends and family my pictures I was very unhappy with all the pictures of myself. I looked like an overweight middle aged women. Not at all how I felt inside or perceived myself. The following weekend I went to California and met the wife of my husband’s coworker. She had a fantastic figure so I asked what she did to keep in shape. She did Crossfit. I had never heard of it, so when I got home I went online to look at gyms in my area. I chose Infernal because they offered a free week to try it out. I began the first of April and have not stopped since. I love it! Crossfit is super challenging and my progress has been very exciting! I never get bored like I would doing classes or weight machines at other gyms because each W.O.D. is different and interesting. In 7 ½ months I have lost 53 pounds and 13% body fat, how awesome is that! All my life I have hated working out. I found it boring and tedious. Now I can’t imagine not working out. Crossfit has pushed me beyond what I thought I could do physically. I am looking forward to hitting the ski slopes this winter (it’s been 5 years since I last went skiing) and tearing up the mountain! I have so much more energy, strength, and endurance now that I want to do more active activities. Not only will I perform well, but I’ll look good too! I even got my husband to start working out, and my 16 year old son and 14 year old daughter do Crossfit regularly as well. Thanks to all the trainers and other members at Infernal for your encouragement and friendship.