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We strive to provide the greater Gilbert and Chandler Arizona area with an outlet for CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Weight Loss and Elite Fitness. Whether you’re an athlete looking to reach a new level or simply interested in a fitter, healthier, higher quality of life, we encourage folks of every age, size and fitness level to contact us via phone or email (please give us notice so we can best accommodate your specific needs) and try an introductory month for only $75.


You can now order Zone/Paleo meals that will be delivered to the box starting Monday October 14th. *Orders must be placed the night before delivery 

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Master the Movement of Your Bodyweight: Featuring Samantha Wright

This comprehensive seminar will be a series of classes that will address mastering the movement of your own bodyweight. The movements covered are those required of any athlete that hopes to achieve success as an Advanced-level CrossFitter or for any individual simply to gain kinesthetic awareness. The movements and skills we will cover include but are not limited to: muscle-ups, kipping pull-ups, handstand push-ups, handstand walking, kipping toes-to-bar/knees-to-elbows. We will also be learning the appropriate progressions to help the coach and athlete alike achieve these skills in a safe and effective way, as well as ways to address these movements with respect to any injuries or limitations you may have. All levels are welcome and encouraged to attend – from beginners to advanced-level competitors. You will receive individualized attention that addresses your needs, along with video review and ways to properly cue and correct your form.
2pm-4pm $20 a session. Contact Bonnie for more information. 480-577-7810


  • Saturday, October 5th
  • Saturday, October 19th
  • Saturday, November Nov 2nd
  • Saturday, November 16th