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Congratulations to our August Athlete of the Month Elena Isaac!

Elena has been with us for just under a year and has made some incredible strides in the short time. You see Elena usually during the 7am class, where she often stays late or comes back in the evenings to put in some extra work to improve her pullups. She has also been an active member in our nutrition group from the beginning and has had some great success moving her closer to her goals. We are very proud of the progress thus far, and cannot wait to see what the next year has in store!

1) What were you doing before you came to CrossFit Infernal?
Prior to Crossfit, I was running, playing sand volleyball, and doing beach body workouts.
2) What kind of animal would you describe yourself as during a WOD?
If I had to choose an animal, it would be a t-Rex because all the upper extremity workouts are hard for me.
3) What are your goals/future plans with CrossFit?
I hope to continue to get stronger and be my most fit self.
4) What is your favorite/least favorite movement?
My favorite workouts are the gymnastic ones and my least favorite move is pull-ups because they are so hard for me.
5) Favorite Cheat Meal?
My favorite cheat meal is pizza and wings with craft beer and ice cream/gelato for dessert.
6) What is some advice you would give someone new to CrossFit?
My advice to someone new is that Crossfit infernal is the best and to just show up because there will be people there to encourage you.