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Congratulations to our August Athlete of the Month Olivia Hensley!

Congratulations to our August Athlete of the Month Olivia Hensley! This woman has been with Infernal since the beginning and has made an impact in so many different ways we are lucky to have her. Since she has started her CF Journey Olivia has lost around 30 lbs (and down more than 50 pounds since having her second child) and despite some unfortunate injuries, keeps on pushing! When she’s not crushing WODs, you will catch her chatting it up with new members and creating relationships, something that we appreciate so much in our CrossFit Community. Thank you Olivia for your unbelievable dedication and commitment to Infernal. We all admire your drive to better yourself, family, and those around you daily, you are loved more than you know!

1) What were you doing before you came to CrossFit Infernal?
I used to bike on the canals 5-6 times a week.
2) What kind of animal would you describe yourself as during a WOD?
Probably a rabbit. I’m not as powerful as I would like to be, I’m fast out of the gate, but then I tend to lose steam.
3) What are your goals/future plans with CrossFit?
I want to (1) improve my strength in my legs, and (2) get consistent muscle ups, and one of these days, (3) improve my double unders.
4) What is your favorite/least favorite movement?
Favorite – Hand Stand Pushups
Least Favorite – Wall Balls
5) Favorite Cheat Meal?
Chicken Wings – I have not had them in forever but I used to love them!
6) What is some advice you would give someone new to CrossFit?
For the average person (like me), it is 100% true that Crossfit is hard – really hard. Make it fun. I encourage you to relax and realize we were all new and nervous at first. Smile, make eye contact with others, form friendships, make jokes, and join in the fun.

You will discover that the people who work out next to you – even though they are strangers at first – will help, encourage, cheer, and sweat along with you. If you are truly shy, bring a friend or a family member and embrace the experience together. Working out with someone increases your chances of success!

Above all, stay with it. Celebrate your successes and PRs – no matter how small. Every accomplishment is an opportunity to stay motivated and every gain is a reason to smile. You CAN do it!! [/cs_text][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section][/cs_content]