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Congratulations to Trent Caskey for earning December Athlete of The Month!

Trent has been a member for almost a year now and has religiously attended the 5am class. Not only is Trent a badass athlete who competed in our Infernal open last year, and most recently the Everyday Warrior Battle Series taking 47th out of 150 athletes, he is always looking to get involved and help out around the box. Whenever there is a IT issue, he is my go-to guy! Thank you Trent for being an awesome member and a part of our community 🙂

1) What were you doing before you came to CrossFit Infernal?
Another Crossfit Box.
2) What kind of animal would you describe yourself as during a WOD?
Honey Badger – work hard but do what I want.
3) What are your goals/future plans with CrossFit?
Keep myself somewhat In shape so I can keep playing golf.
4) What is your favorite/least favorite movement?
Favorite: Clean
Least Favorite: Burpees
5) Favorite Cheat Meal?
All my food is a cheat meal.
6) What is some advice you would give someone new to CrossFit?
Know your limits and don’t let someone convince you to do something.