CrossFit Infernal – CrossFit

A: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

A. “Rowling” Warm up

10 Rounds:

– 100m Row (must get rower to stop EXACTLY at 100m)

*Any meters over/under 100= a point


1) You must complete a FINAL pull and let the rower wind down to your final meter count. You cannot do little pulls until you get to 100, there must be a clear cut FINAL pull and re-rack of the handle as it dies down to the final number.

2) Re-set the rower after each 100m interval

3) In the “10th frame” or round,if you get 0, you get to cross our your 1st rounds score and make it a zero. You then can continue rounds as long as you hit a 0, nd continue to cancel out earlier frames in order from 1-10. Once you fail to get a “0” you are done!

4) Coaches will keep score and we’ll have a prize for the winning male and female ☺

B: Metcon (Distance)

20 Minute AMRAP w/ partner:

– Max Calories Rowed

*one person is always running a 400m. Score=total meters combined

**If you are looking to complete the OPEN wod tomorrow with great intensity, please take this 20 minutes at a VERY light/moderate effort / good breathing mechanics.