Not often that you get the chance to workout alongside a true Olympic athlete, much less have them critique and help you with your form. This Saturday, 4/12, you get the chance to do that with not one, but TWO true Olympic athletes and, just to sweeten the deal, with a ridiculously ranked International lifter as well.

Iron Athlete Clinics (a Nick Wakin production, or something he is involved with, or just some group he talked into coming to Infernal, not sure but those are mere details) will be hosting an Olympic Weightlifting clinic at Crossfit Infernal from 10 am – 3 pm. Our guest coaches are Norik Vardanian, who represented Armenia in the 2012 Olympics in London, placing 11th in the 94kg category and winner of this year’s Armenian national weightlifting competition; Jose Montes who represented Mexico in the 2012 Olympics, placing 6th in the 56th kg category and Alex Lee who really has too many accomplishments to list (but they include 2010 World University Champion 62kg Cat; 2010 Senior World Team Member 62kg Cat; 2010 Collegiate National Champion 69kg Cat; 2009 Pan American Team Member 62kg Cat; 2008 Junior World Team Member 62kg Cat. etc etc etc you get the idea, the guy can LIFT!)

You will not want to miss this clinic. It costs $60 (that’s like $12/hr for training with multiple Olympic and international athletes – a bargain really when you look at it that way! Contact Nick if you have any questions or register at


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