Nutrition is often the missing link between working out and truly seeing success. For this reason, we have partnered up with iN³ Nutrition – the premiere nutritional coaching company in the CrossFit world.

For the last 3 years, Jason and his team have helped thousands of people change their lives. Whether it is fat loss or performance, they know how to truly customize a plan to meet your INDIVIDUAL needs and lifestyle.

Jason has created a model he calls NUTRITIONAL COACHING. This is NOT a cookie-cutter, templated approach. Instead, you will fill out a detailed intake form so that Jason and his team can develop a CUSTOM nutrition plan to suit you and your lifestyle needs.

You will have a weekly check in with your coach and unlimited access to him/her at any given time to ensure you are always making the right choices.

We truly are excited to offer Jason’s services to our members, and we love watching the results that everyone achieves!

Interested in joining? Call or text Andrew at 480-508-9331 or go and fill out the form on Jason’s website and tell them you were referred by Crossfit Infernal.