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A. Memorial Day Murph AMRAP

1) Partner Version:
– 4x400m Run
Then, AMRAP Alt. Rounds until 35:00:
– 5 Pullups
– 10 Pushups
– 15 Air Squats

Then, at 35:00
– 4x400m Run

2) SOLO Version
– 800m Run
Then, AMRAP until 25:00:
– 5 Pullups
– 10 Pushups
– 15 Air Squats

Then, at 25:00
– 800m Run

Active Recovery Day
A. 2 Rounds:
– 3 Min AB (easy)
– 2 Min AB (MOD)
– 1 Min AB (Fast)
Rest 60s

*Rest until 18:00*
B. 2 Rounds:
– 3 Min Row (easy)
– 2 Min Row (Mod)
– 1 Min Row (fast)
Rest 60s

A. Every 45s for 9 mins:
Sets 1-4) Deadlift X 6
Sets 5-8) Deadlift X 4 (7/10)
Sets 9-12) Deadlift X 2 (8/10)
B. 9 Min AMRAP:
– 3 Power Cleans (115/75) (+155/105)
– 3 Wall Balls (20/14)
– 3 Power Cleans (115/75) (+155/105)
– 6 Wall Balls (20/14)
– 3 Power Cleans (115/75) (+155/105)
– 9 Wall Balls (20/14)
– 6 Power Cleans (115/75) (+155/105)
– 12 Wall Balls (20/14)
– 6 Power Cleans (115/75) (+155/105)
– 15 Wall Balls (20/14)
– 6 Power Cleans (115/75) (+155/105)
– 18 Wall Balls (20/14)
– 9 Power Cleans (115/75) (+155/105)
– 21 Wall Balls (20/14)
*Add 3 Wall balls every round, and 3 cleans every 3 rounds*

Thursday (30 min cap)
A. For Time:
– 40 Burpee to 6” Target
– 30 Box Jumps
– 20 BBJO (24/20)
*By Method Of*
3 Min AMRAP:
– 200m Run
– AMRAP work w/remaining time
Rest 60s

A. 10 EMOM:
– Squat Snatch + OHS (build to heavy)
B. For Time:
– Back Squats (105/75) (+155/105)
– T2B

Saturday Woolfeman Special

Open Gym 8:30am-10:30am

A. Back Squats
– Intro back into some squat volume.
– Tempo should restrict from going heavier than needed 1st week back
– Choose weights that maintain perfect form/tempo, and that can be built off of for weeks to come
– Use the same weight for all sets of 3, 2, and 1.
– Global fatigue re-introduction. Fatigue level should me very manageable throughout the whole EMOM until the end
– Movements should take no longer than 30-40s MAX
– Wall balls and burpees need to be under control with good breathing mechanics, should be UB with low-mod intensity, and should not be forced to get in within window

A. Pressing Strength
– Intro back into pressing volume
– First 2 sets should be no more than 7/10 effort, with the following 3 increasing to an 8-9/10 effort
– Error on the lighter side if your overall volume overhead has been low the last 2 months
– Weights should not deteriorate midline positions
B. Metcon
– This workout should feel similar to the CF Open workout, where you are moving quickly through stations due to the small rep counts
– Transitions are important, so pick a pace that is as maintainable as possible for the duration and waste minimal time between movements
– All Work should ultimately be UB the entire time, or 2 sets MAX to ensure speed throughout. Lower reps as needed

A. Deadlifts
– Intro back into Deadlift volume.
– This will be more overall fatiguing than the squats/presses, so take this into consideration choosing weights
– Deadlifts are to be UB with proper “touch and go” mechanics. Choose weights that maintain solid rep cadence without long pauses between reps
B. Metcon
– Small time frame for work, so some intensity needs to be added here to make sure you are getting enough time to work on snatches
– Lateral burpees are quicker, but more fatiguing, and should be completed quickly but with controlled intensity to minimize rest before snatches
– Power snatches should be very light, and be cycled in large sets without needing to give much “effort” to complete. Fatigue should not come from the load on the barbell, but overall fatigue from the combo of movements

*All sections here have a similar stimulus and time domain to complete
– Goal is to complete the first cyclical piece and the movement in 4-5 minutes giving around a 7-8/10 effort, leaving you 2-3 to get after the final cyclical piece and not being smoked!
– 1100 will have you finishing he 40 cals around 2:15ish, and 65 RPM on AB should be a similar time frame
– First 2 are scored by the calories finished with, and the final section is your time to complete

A. Oly
– Overall weight limited by Power Clean (for most).
– Make sure as you build you maintain good catching positions on both cleans, no starfishing the power clean just to get it
– Focus on a good strong full extension on the power clean, so when the squat clean comes and your fatigue sets in, your ready to extend and get under the bar!
B. Metcon
– BB cycling/forcing big sets here.
– All movements should be done in 2-3 sets MAX. adjust weight up or down as needed
– Weight should be light/very moveable, and you should want to hang on for large sets
– Plan to end a few reps short of each movement, so you can go right into the next one!

Due to class restrictions, we have put this class on HOLD until further notice 🙂
Due to class restrictions, we have put this class on HOLD until further notice 🙂
Due to class restrictions, we have put this class on HOLD until further notice 🙂