A. 4 Sets:
– Back Squat X 8 (add weight to 4×8 from 3 weeks ago)
Rest as needed
B. 12 Min AMRAP
– 4 DB Thrusters (50/35)
– 6 T2B
– 21 DUs

**Fitness Options**
B. DB thrusters, Ab mat Sit Ups, Jump rope singles or jumping jacks

A. Every 90s for 8 sets:
– Push Press + Push Jerk + Split Jerk (build to tough)
B. Every 7 mins for 21 (3 sets)
– 400m Run
– 15 Burpee Over The Rower
– 500/425m Row

**Fitness Options:
A. Push Press X3
B. scale to 90s run, 60s burpees, 90s row

A. Build to todays “tough:
– Power Snatch + Hang Squat Snatch
B. 3 Min AMRAP:
– 30 Pullups (+C2B)
– AMRAP OHS (95/65) (+135/95)
Rest 2 mins
C. 3 Min AMRAP:
– 20 OHS (95/65) (+135/95)
– AMRAP Pullups (+C2B)
Rest 2 mins
D. For Time: (5:00 cap)
– 30 Pullups (+C2B)
– 20 OHS

**Fitness Options**
A. High Hang Power Snatch, or PVC Snatch work+ Wall facing OHS
B. Ring rows, front squats or goblet squats

A. For Time w/ a partner:
– 150 BBJO (+200) @ 24/20’
*BY Method Of*
5 Min AMRAP:
– 24/18 Cal AB (+30/24)
– 24/18 Cal Row (+30/24)
Rest 60s
*One partner works at a time, split cals/reps as needed
**Complete all AB cals first, then row 2nd, then move to BBJO

**Fitness Options**
A. complete 4-5 rounds: scale to 60s AB, 60s Row, regular burpees for remainder

A. Build to todays “tough”
– Power Clean + Squat Clean
B. Open 19.3
– 200’ OH Walking Lunge (50/35)
– 50 DB Box Step Ups (50/35) to 24/20
– 50 Strict HSPU
– 200’ HS Walk
*Lunge and HS walk course set up in 25’ segments

**Fitness Options**
A. Front Squat 5X3
B. Body weight lunges, bodyweight steps ups, DB Shoulder Press, bear crawls or inchworms

Saturday Woolfeman Special
*8am and 9am classes
**11am “Mobility Matters” Seminar!! Sign up at the link below

Open Gym 8:30am-10:30am


WOD Science

A. Back Squats
– “Week 2” of squat cycle, add weight to 1st weeks 4×8
*as long as form is intact
– If you werent here, the first 4-5 reps should be doable, and the final 3 should be a challenge
– Complete all sets at a “Heavy” load
B. Metcon
– written off a 20 min amrap “Open WOD”
– Workout is meant to be done at a fast consistent pace, with quick transitions and moving the entire time. Should be a faster pace than you would hold if we completed it at 20min amrap
– Pick a pace that is attainable the entire 12 minutes, but leaves you enough in the tank to sprint the final 2-3 mins
– Thrusters should 100% be ub, T2B in 1 set, maybe 2 toward the end

A. jerk Work
– Push press/jerk forces you to learn how to full extend and explode hips. Focus on this during all 3 movements
– Goal is to recreate that same explosion of the hips/press from the push press, and carry it over into the jerks, while using your speed to get under the bar
– If form is not fast and perfect on jerks, stay light
B. Intervals
– Similar to last week, different movement and run/row switched
– Goal is to finish these rounds with 90s or more rest. That gives you 2mins for the run, 60s for the burpees, 2 mins for the row (including transition times).
– These intervals are meant to be FASTER than normal paces, so you will need rest. If you distances/reps push you to coming in around 6:00 round 1, lower run to 200m, and row to 400m

A. Snatch work
– Power snatch 1st to ensure you are focusing on strong extension and hard pull under the bar.
– Focus on landing in a similar position on power snatch to squat snatch stance. No Starfishing
– Hang Squat snatch should replicate the same motion. Since you have no power from the floor, you must put intentions on your SPEED under the bar to the bottom of the OHS position
– Only build to heavy form and speed are solid
– Volume accumulation. We want as much time on the AMRAP sections as possible
– Make sure you can finish the pullups in “A” and OHS in “B” in NO MORE than 90s to ensure ample working time
– weight on OHS should be tough, but doable for a minimum of 5 reps

A. Partner WOD
– This week, athletes share the calories on the machine
– Split the AB as needed, then move to row, then move to BBJO
– Similar to last week, cals should be completed by NO LATER than 2:30 to give at least 2.5mins on BBJO.
– Paces on machines should be higher than last week, due to the added rest when partner is working on Ergs

A. Cleans
– Power clean 1st to ensure you are focusing on strong extension and hard pull under the bar.
– Focus on landing in a similar position on power snatch to squat snatch stance. No Starfishing
– 2nd Squat Clean should replicate the power motion. While putting focus into your SPEED under the bar and catching in a perfect upright torso position with elbows HIGH
– Only build to heavier loads if you can perform the weight with good form and speed is solid
B. Open WOD
– Movement is meant to be constant in this WOD, with little stopping on Lunges/box step ups
– Choose a weight that allows you to complete the OH Walking Lugnes in 2-3 sets MAX
– Box Step ups need to be moved fast, with a few breaks allowed. Find a comfortable resting spot for the DB and keep yourself moving. Don’t forget to breathe on these
– For most, changing this wod to kipping HSPU will be the correct move. If scaling further, choose a heavy DB push press load that you can do 6-8+ at a time
– HS Walks can be scaled to 15 Wall walks


Monday 10/19
A. 2-3 Sets:
– Prayer stretch X 4-5 w/ 5s hold + 10 Goblet squats
– Bent Over DB Row X 10-12
– Inchworm X 5
B. 2-3 Sets
– Front Squat X 5+ 10 BR Step back Lunges (may lower weight if needed)
– Wide Grip Strict Pullups X AMRAP + Banded Burnout
– Alt. DB Bench Press X 6-8 + DB Pushup Burnout
C. 2-3 Sets:
– 2KB Box Squats X 8-10 @ 31×1
– BB Bicep Curls X 12-15
– Banded Tricep Pulldown X 12-15

Wednesday 10/21
A. 2-3 Sets:
– 10 Glute Brides + 20-30s wall sit
– 1 Leg BB RDL X 6-8 (each)
– 10-12 wtd. Plank ups
B. 2-3 Sets:
– Clean Grip RDL X 6-8 @ 31X1
– RLE Split Squat X 6-8 @ 31×1
– 15 GHD Sit Ups + 15 Leg Lifts
C. 2-3 Sets:
– Supinated Body Rows X AMRAP
– Bent Over DB Fly X 12-15
– Stab Ball V-Ups Passes X 12-15


Monday 10/19
A. 5 Rounds:
– 3 min AB (easy)
– 2 Min Row (Mod)
– 1 Min Ski (SPRINT)
Rest 60s
B. 2-3 Rounds:
– (5 tuck ups + 5s hollow hold) X 4-5
– (5 leg lifts + 10 flutter kicks) X 4-5
– 60s wtd. Plank

Wednesday 10/21
A. 2 attempts to find
– Max RPM on AB
– Max Cals/hour on rower
B. 2-3 Rounds:
– AB @ 75% of max RPM to “failure”
Directly into
– 30/24 Cals Row
Rest as needed, then:
– Row @ 75% of max RPM to “failure”
Directly into
– 30/24 Cals AB
Rest as needed, then repeat
C. Core work
TBD on how long B takes!


OLY- Tuesday 10/20 4:30pm
A. 5 Sets:
– Hang Squat Clean X 1.1 (drop bar inbetween)
*Complete all at a MOD-Heavy load
B. 3 Sets:
– Pausing Front Squats X 3
*Focus on dead stop in bottom, explode out
C. 3 Sets:
– Clean Panda Pull X 1.1.1

OLY- Thursday 10/22 4:30pm
A. 3 Sets:
– Drop Snatch X 3 (Light/fast)
B. 3 Sets:
– Snatch Balance X 3 (Mod, still fast)
C. 3 Sets:
– Snatch Grip Push Press X 3
D. 3 Sets:
– Snatch High Pull X 1.1.1