Here’s the perfect solution if you want to LOOK BETTER AND FINALLY SEE RESULTS (even if you have tried everything)!

Unleash your Potential ?with the 6-week Transformation Challange?

? Mediocrity.
? Stagnation.
? Plateaus.

With Summer coming, which one are YOU stuck in?

Summer is RIGHT around the corner, what are you doing to with your diet and training that will get you that Summer Bod in 6 weeks?! Well, lucky for you we have just the program, and it starts NOW!!

Our 6 Week Nutrition Coaching & Training Transformation program is designed to go hand in hand and truly put together the missing pieces when it comes to changing your body!

So, what does the program consist of? 

You will be assigned a PERSONAL coach who will get to know you and create a PERSONALIZED food prescription tailored to you and your goals. Through the process, you will have access to your coach for all questions, along with multiple “check-in phone-calls” to assess progress and make any necessary food changes! You will also learn important bio-feedback signs to how your body is reacting to the food, and how your food affects all areas of your life holding you back!!

We all know that nutrition is 70+% of the battle, and if you don’t know you will quickly learn

You will receive a PRE and a POST-In-Body full body scan to documents all sorts of data for you and your coach to work off of. Things that include: 

  • Body fat %, Skeletal Muscle, Weight
  • Lean body mass, Body Fat mass, Dry Lean Mass
  • Segmental Lean Mass Analysis

6 weeks of guided functional fitness training with a certified coach. You will have the opportunity to attend UNLIMITED classes each week and have a few different options to choose from. Each class is 1 hour long and will take you through a variety of common movements seen in all different types of fitness domains. These movements will be used for strength, skills, or in a cardio setting with the heart rate elevated!

Are you ready to create more Results in 6 Weeks than you have in the last 12 months???

Session Date: May 6th 2019-June 16th 2019

Location: CrossFit Infernal

We are looking for people who are COMMITTED to the program! Our nutrition help is not a starvation plan, nor is our workout routine an over-exertion program meant to wreck your body. We have designed this transformation program to be fun and have achievable landmarks, but you still have to put in the effort!

We know what works and we know what does not. We want to see you succeed as much (If not more!) as you do. Put your trust in us, follow the nutrition guidelines, work your butt off, and the results will show for themselves!

We are only offering 15 spots in this awesome program, so click the button and reserve your spot!

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