6 Week Transformation


Session Date: March 4th 2019-April 12th 2019

Class Times: Mon, Wed, Fri, 6:00PM-7:00PM

Location: CrossFit Infernal



Are you interested in shedding some of that winter weight before summer? How about learning about proper diet and nutrition for yourself and your loved ones?

Our 6 Week Transformation Program (Women Only) is about building a better YOU. Not only just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. We have created a unique environment that promotes positive behaviors inside and out of the gym, and changes your attitude towards exercise and wellness! We can confidently say you will not find a more friendly, supportive, knowledgeable, or welcoming gym than Infernal.

Our program will surely shed those unwanted pounds and leave you more fit, healthier, and have a better understanding of quality food choices, meal planning, and overall healthy eating. Also, the confidence and mindset from bettering yourself inside and outside of the gym is something you can’t buy at a store!


So, how do we do it? 


1) Exercise Guidance

6 weeks of guided functional fitness training with a certified coach. Each class is 1 hour long, three times per week, and will take you through a variety of common movements seen in all different types of fitness domains. These movements will be used for strength, skills, or in a cardio setting with the heart rate elevated!


2) Proper Food and Nutrition Implementation

Each athlete will receive nutrition guidance from one of our certified nutrition coaches and a copy of our very own Infernal Cookbook. This book includes everything from shopping lists to meal prep 101 with healthy recipes you can make for yourself or family! Also, you will be given an online “food tracker” for our nutrition coach to take a look at and make recommendations on improving your diet!

*Athletes joining this program have the option of hiring a personal nutrition coach for only $100 extra!


3) Before and after photo and weigh ins!

Each athlete will be required to weigh in prior to the challenge starting, and take progress pictures. These pictures will be for YOUR eyes only.  At the end of the 6 weeks, we will re-weigh and take photos to show overall progress! We know by following our program you will love the difference in your body, mind, and attitude!


How much does it cost?

Only $250!

We are looking for women who are COMMITTED to the program! Our nutrition help is not a starvation plan, nor is our workout routine an over-exertion program meant to wreck your body. We have designed this transformation program to be fun and have achievable landmarks, but you still have to put in the effort!

We know what works and we know what does not. We want to see you succeed as much (If not more!) as you do. Put your trust in us, follow the nutrition guidelines, work your butt off, and the results will show for themselves!

We are only offering 15 spots in this awesome program, so fill out the form below to book your initial consultation!!