Personal Training

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Our individual training and private programming is an incredibly fast and effective method to achieving your personal fitness goals. Whether your goals are to improve strength and speed, power, lose weight, prepare for an event, or even just to be in a more personalized setting, Private Programming will always yield quicker results.

You will be provided a program specifically tailored to you and your goals, targeting and improving on weaknesses and deficiencies while building on and improving your strengths. Private programming will be directly written to achieve your needs and can include:

  • Specific mobility and stability exercises to optimize performance and joint function
  • Proper warm ups and skills to prepare you for specific movement patterns,
  • Customized strength and conditioning exercises tailored to your goals
  • Nutrition and recovery help
  • Pre/Post Workout food plans
  • Private Training

    Crossfit Infernal offers Private Programming for the individual, as well as in a small group setting. This gives members the opportunity join in with others chasing the same goals and be put on a program together as a group. Often times, this can lead to an increased rate of results due to the nature of pushing yourself more when others are around.

    Individual/Small Group Training Sessions:

    Crossfit Infernal offers Individual and small group training sessions to maximize the learning experience in a more isolated environment. Similar to the coaching you’d receive in our other programs, working with a coach individually or in a small group allows the coach to focus solely on you and your personal goals without distractions. Whether you want to focus on gymnastic skills, Olympic lifts, mobility, or even just movement patterns in general, the more hands on coaching you get the better the opportunity to really grow and expand as an athlete.

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