15 minutes of Muscle up progression work.

15 minute AMRAP of,
8 Pistol Squats
12 Tall Cleans (75/45)
16 Sit ups

After warm up, with Barbell only,
(x5) Front Squats, Tall Cleans, Jerk Balance, On Toe Jerk Unders.

Then with 50% 1RM,
(x4) Clean from mid-thigh received in 1/4 Squat.
(x4) Clean from launch (above knee) received in 1/2 Squat.
(x4) Clean from ground received in Full Squat.
(x4) BNK Split Jerks (behind the neck)

1 Clean + 2 Split Jerk (3-3-3-2) @ 70%, 75%, 80%, 85% 1RM
30 second reset b/t reps, 90 sec. rest b/t sets.

Then @ 100% 1RM
(3×3) 1st Pull from ground to above knee with 2 second pause above knee.