Oly: Snatch

Perform each movement (x3) with barbell only:

Snatch pull, snatch high-pull & muscle snatch from the hip & mid-thigh.

Overhead squat with 2-second pause at bottom.

(x5) Drop snatch

(x5) Tall snatch


Then: Load barbell with up to 50% 1RM:

(2×3)  1 hang power snatch + 2 overhead squats,

(2×3)  2 snatch high pulls + 1 snatch from the hip,

(2×3)  squat snatch.


Then: Load barbell with up to 75% 1RM:

(2×3) snatch high pull + squat snatch.

(2×3) 1st pull with 2-second pause above knee.


Then: Load barbell to 100% 1RM:

(2×3) snatch pull.