Competitors Wod

Part one:

For time…

4 Rounds of:

250 Row

Sprint 35 meters

2 rope climbs


Part two:

40 double unders

30 wall balls

20 HSPU’s

10 Hang Cleans (185/95)


a. Rowers will be set up at opposite side of gym. Athlete must stay on rower until 250m is reached, then can run to rope. Once 4 rounds are complete time is noted, athlete advances to station with jump rope, wall balls, HSPU’s, hang cleans, and completes the remainder of the workout for a second time.

b. Each heat will have 4 athletes.

c. WOD times will be tracked and points will be awarded based on performance. One point for best time, then on down to the final athlete. We will combine placement points for both parts of the workout.

d. Heats for next week will be determined by placing. We will declare a winner each month athletes will be recognized! This will be a fun way to compete in a friendly environment.

e. Bring your “A” game, come ready to share ideas and learn from your peers.

f. There will be a strict 20 minute cap on this workout!

Tim Galloway, Head Coach/Programmer