This past summer, in August of 2013, CrossFit Infernal offered its first Olympic Weightlifting Technique or “Oly” class. The class was designed to help our members improve their form and develop good technique and speed while performing the two Olympic lifts, the Clean & Jerk and the Snatch. The “Oly” class has since become one of CrossFit Infernal’s most popular classes.

But the Sport of Weightlifting entails a much more rigorous approach to training that goes well beyond the performance of these two classic lifts. In fact, the USAW, the governing body of Weightlifting in the United States, recently witnessed an increased number of athletes participating in its Weightlifting competitions. The “American Open,” the last major USAW competition held in Dallas, saw its highest athlete participation in years. The increased number of participants caught the USAW off guard and created quite a logistical challenge for their organization. This overwhelming response was due in large part to the number of CrossFit athletes entering and competing in the Sport of Weightlifting.

With this in mind, we are pleased to announce that we will be expanding our “Oly” Weightlifting program. Our new program has been designed to provide members with the training needed to compete in the Sport of Weightlifting. The Olympic Weightlifting class will continue to provide our CrossFit athletes with the training needed to improve their form and develop good technique and speed in the performance of the two Olympic lifts.

The “Infernal Weightlifting Club” has applied for affiliation with the USAW and we anticipate becoming an official member within the next couple of months. Coaching in our Weightlifting program will be USAW certified coaches Joe Costanza, Alex Nunez and George Atilano. CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Certified coach Derek Harju will also continue to coach in our Weightlifting program.


We our excited to bring Weightlifting to CrossFit Infernal and look forward to helping our athletes interested in competing in the Sport of Weightlifting reach their goals. We will continue to update our members with more info as we continue to advance our program. Please know that our Weightlifting program will have no impact on our current programs and CrossFit will continue to be the primary focus at CrossFit Infernal.

 Coach George