So much going on, so much to keep track of – we are here to help!

The Open

Two weeks down and three more to go – doing great and hang in there! Please remember to email by 5PM Thursday March 13th if you need to be judged on Saturday. Heat times will again start at 9:30 and go to 12pm. If you are a judge and can help out on Saturday please email infernal as well. THANK YOU!

And if you need some inspiration, go check out Coach Derek’s blog post on loving the Open!

Also, please keep in mind that while YOU have to enter your scores by 5 pm PST on Monday, the affiliates have until Tuesday to confirm those scores, so don’t panic if you are not updated immediately. Bonnie is running in a million directions to get everything done, so cut her a little slack (we actually drove her to drink in the box yesterday!)

CrossFit Goes Running

Please remember that we are putting together an Infernal team for Pat’s Run in honor of Pat Tillman, The run is April 26th but you need to sign up by March 30th as part of the Infernal team. If you sign up, please let us know at and indicate if you want a t-shirt (15$).

WTF? Why is the Gym All Tore Up and The Damn Door Locked??????

So you may have noticed that there are some changes underway at the box, equipment  moved, rigs torn down, freakin’ doors locked – its all for the good we promise. Nick and the delightfully muscled gang of the Chandler Weightlifting Club that have been squatting in the back corner of the gym (literally and figuratively) for the last month or so are STAYING! That’s right, we are integrating Nick and the club and will be coming back to you soon with exciting developments around the Olympic lifting program and ongoing beard checks for Nick. So stay tuned!

Infernal Goes Drinking

Most important, as our box has grown and we have added members and the Oly weightlifting club, we realize its harder to get to know everyone (especially the wackos who work out at 5 am!) In order to give everyone a better opportunity to mix, mingle and meet, we are (re)instating once a month Infernal happy hours – on the second Friday of every month. So mark down Fri, April 11 for the first one and stay tuned for location information.