Ok, so the idea that the combination of CrossFit Infernal and the Chandler Olympic Weightlifting Club is better than chocolate and peanut butter is clearly complete nonsense. But they certainly are better together and there are lots of options for the combination, whether you simply want to improve your Olympic lifts for CrossFit or you think you might want to take up Olympic lifting as your sport (thereby no longer having to constantly be worried about ripping your palms apart trying to do kipping pull-ups!)

Want to know more? Our new resident Olympic lifting expert, Nick Wakin, has more information for you than you could possibly want, all conveniently contained in a new tab at the top of the website home page called (drum roll please . . . ) Olympic Weightlifting! Go check it out at http://crossfitinfernal.com/olympic-weightlifting/ (or just go to the top of the page!)

By the way, some of you may be wondering who this bearded super lifting hero we have added to the gym actually is. I mean, who has not wondered “who is that man hiding behind the beard?!” Here’s some background on Nick:

Before the beard, Nick spent eight years in the Air Force as a mechanic and fire fighter during which time Nick  was tasked with figuring out the best ways to ensure the men and women in his squadrons stayed in top condition to be able to perform their missions. In 2007 he discovered CrossFit and incorporated it into the physical regimen he used with the fire department. After he left the military, Nick set out on a path to build upon his passion for strength training and through a bit of serendipity landed in a class with Joe Micela, weightlifting coach of many national and international competitors, including Olympians. From there, Nick became certified by the governing body of the sport of weightlifting (USAW) and has been on a mission to help young athletes build a solid foundation for their respective sports and to grow a competitive weightlifting team. Nick is the Head Coach and Owner of the Chandler Strength & Weightlifting Club and is taking the opportunity to work with CrossFit Infernal to build an amazing facility for athletes – whether they are CrossFit athletes, Olympic Weightlifters or others – to achieve their goals and reach their potential.