Our exciting rearrangement of the box finally comes with some exciting schedule changes as well – starting this week! So pay attention.

ON RAMP: Some morning changes for On Ramp, there is no longer a 5 am or 8 am On Ramp. There will be one morning class at 6 am M/W/F. Evenings remain unchanged, M/W/F at 6 pm.

NEW MASTERS CLASS: Have you been trying to get Mom and Dad to come on in and try CrossFit, but they think you are crazy and you think maybe handstand pu’s might be a bit much? GREAT news. Staring this week Crossfit Infernal begins offering a 55+ Masters class! The “silver kettlebell” club will be M/W/F at 8 am and will be specifically tailored to movements and strengths most important for CrossFitters 55+ (meaning no muscle ups or handstand pu’s, just not a daily living kind of thing!)

OLY! OLY! OLY!: Ok, for all of you who want to get your lift on, now’s the time. The Oly classes, led by “the beard” (aka Nick) are now DAILY! That’s right, M-F, every day, at 5 am. Olympic lifting at 5 am, five days a week (the very thought makes me nauseous, and not with glee!) and the usual 6 pm Tuesday and Thursday. And 7-9 am on Saturdays.