Do you own a small business that might have some applicability to Crossfit Infernal’s members?

Insurance? Plumbing? Semi-legal TV installation? Woodworking?

Would you like to increase visibility for your company, find more clients and increase profits?

My beta test of this idea indicated it was a good one that lots of members would be interested in (assuming that what JRo, Dave, Mandy, Joe and Vanessa think while eating at Chopshop is valid). If you would like your business included on a referral page here on the website, please send your company information, a logo (if applicable), a short blurb about your services and relevant contact information to to be included.


*Legal Disclaimer: We make no representations or warranties about the quality of work provided by members of Crossfit Infernal nor do we guarantee a return on investment from including your profile on the referral page.