My name is Andrew Woolfe and this is my girlfriend and partner Nicole Schmidtmann. My entire life I’ve had an enormous will to help people, no matter the scenario. Whether it be in sports/fitness or helping people deal with lifes curveballs, if you needed me I would drop everything i was doing to make sure you were taken care of. I knew I would own a gym someday, and when I actually got the opportunity I hopped on it with zero hesitance, because I knew this was my chance to really make a difference.

I grew up using exercise and fitness as my way of releasing any troubles I may have had at the time, so it had a tremendous impact on my life and to this day still does. All I Ever dreamed of doing was giving that feeling back in some way. That feeling where No matter what is going on in your life, that during a workout surrounded by people you know truly care about you, there was nothing that could get you down.

When I first took over, I was coaching A LOT, nearly every class we had each day and we were running 9 classes/day at the time. The same intentions were in my mind when I walked in the gym at 4:45am to unlock for the 5am class, that were there for the 6:30pm class. What can I do today to better my members lives? How can I show them that I truly care in their well being, and want them to succeed and do great things? And I brought that to the table every single class, whether it was showing someone a new technique, or simply communicating with a member asking how their day went. I set out on a journey to touch every single persons life each day I saw them, and when I saw it come to light it was the best feeling ever.

Now flash forward a full year and I have pulled away from a lot of coaching and hired a phenomenal coaching staff. Still do this day, during our coaches meetings the main theme is “what are we doing on a daily basis to impact these peoples lives”. I honestly could care less how good of coaches they are, but if they set forth with the intentions of giving back and making someone smile every day, I know they will enjoy their time and be successful. It goes SO much deeper than just providing kick ass workouts and coaching, and I think coaches nowadays really are lacking in this area. The most exciting part about all of this is I have built a culture of coaches who want nothing more than to touch every single member of every class in a positive way.

We have been labeled the “friendliest gym in Chandler” due to sole reason that we truly care about our members in more than just a workout scenario. We will only continue to improve and grow, with the intentions of touching each and every member on a consistant basis.

I can say that I am truly lucky to have the opportunity that I currently have to touch so many people . We will only continue to grow and strive to give our members the best coaching/programming, coupled with the most nurturing environment for growth.

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