CrossFit Infernal – CrossFit

“You think your tough, bro?!”

A: Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)

3 Rounds:

– 1 “Tough” UB set of Front Rack Alt. Reverse Lunges (135/85)

*Looking for 15+ reps here

Rest/walk 60s

– 1 “tough” set UB HSPU (scale as needed here, looking for 8+ reps here)

Rest/walk 60s

– 1 “tough” set of UB Wall Balls (30/20)

Rest/walk 60s

– 1 “tough” set of Ring Dips (Scale as needed, looking for 5+ reps here)

Rest/walk 60s

**record your TOTAL number of each movement each round individually, then add rounds together for TOTAL REPS per movement